About Overr

About Us

Overr has undergone an exciting transformation, positioning itself as the parent company overseeing our vibrant ecosystem. Gameola Marketplace, a flagship under the Overr umbrella, now stands as Australia’s exclusive online gaming and collectors’ marketplace. Born out of our shared passion as collectors and gamers, Gameola Marketplace has become the central community online for all Australian gaming enthusiasts.

In addition to Gameola Marketplace, we’re thrilled to introduce two innovative services that enhance your experience. Gameola Merchant, a seamlessly integrated POS system, ensures a smooth transaction process for both buyers and sellers. Meanwhile, Gameola Fulfilment offers a comprehensive service catering to the unique needs of our sellers, providing end-to-end fulfillment solutions.

Our Mission

At Overr, our mission has evolved. We are dedicated to the global growth of local businesses, transcending our roots as a gaming marketplace to emerge as a thriving collectors’ marketplace. We invite you to be a part of this journey as we redefine how enthusiasts connect, trade, and build thriving communities.

Join us at Gameola Marketplace, where passion meets purpose, and explore the world of gaming and collecting like never before. Overr – Connecting collectors, empowering businesses.

FAQ: Overr – Australia’s Retro Games Marketplace

What is Overr?

Overr is Australia’s premier online marketplace for retro games and consoles. Unlike a regular online store, Overr connects gamers and sellers in a single, centralised platform, offering unique products and fostering a thriving gaming community. As both an online store and a marketplace, Overr supports small Aussie businesses by providing a web store presence and importing their product listings, helping them to grow their brand and reach more customers.

Is it a store or a marketplace?

Overr is a hybrid of an online store and a marketplace platform. While it functions as an online store where buyers can shop for their favourite retro video games, it also operates as a marketplace for multiple vendors to sell their products. This setup offers a seamless selling process, efficient order management, and a user-friendly platform for buyers to research and purchase games. Overr is a great choice for gamers and sellers alike, offering a central hub to support the gaming community and help small businesses flourish.

Has Overr won any awards?

Overr has been recognised for its outstanding services and dedication to the gaming community. The company was a finalist in the Local Business Awards for 2022 and 2023, highlighting its commitment to providing an exceptional marketplace platform for gamers and sellers in Australia.

What guarantees does Overr provide to ensure a safe and secure gaming marketplace?

At Overr, we prioritise our customers’ safety and satisfaction when online shopping with us. We offer a buyer protection guarantee, which ensures that if your purchase is not as described or fails to meet the specified quality standards, you will be eligible for a refund. Plus, our secure payment system and dispute resolution process offer further protection to make sure your transactions are safe and hassle-free.

How does Overr ensure seller reliability and prevent scams?

We have a rigorous verification process for all sellers on our platform. This includes identity verification and monitoring their performance and customer reviews. We also have a dedicated team that investigates any suspicious activity or reported scams. Sellers found guilty of fraudulent activities will be banned from our platform.

What is Overr’s return policy if I am not satisfied with the quality of a game I purchased?

Sellers are required to accept returns, but they are not obligated to do so for “change of mind” reasons. However, if they choose to accept a return due to a change of mind, they are permitted to request a 10% restocking fee. The return window is 30 days from the delivery date, and the item must be returned in the condition described in the listing. If the item was listed as new, it must be returned unopened.

What measures does Overr take to maintain the quality of games on the platform?

We have a dedicated team that continuously reviews and evaluates the games available on our platform. We only allow games that meet our quality standards and have been thoroughly tested for bugs and performance issues.