Overr Update and market insight!

Overr Update and market insight – 22/3/22

Like many others, we were surprised by the news that EBgame’s Zing Marketplace has officially closed on 22 March 2022 at 2pm AEST as published on Press Start Zing Marketplace has been active since September 2021, only 6 months ago and offered a similar experience to our platform. The good news is, we are not going anywhere! In fact, we are EXPANDING, REBRANDING and HAVE MORE LISTINGS than ever before.

Our story

Overr is Australia’s first and largest dedicated Gaming online marketplace. We started as Game over Australia offering FREE UNLIMITED listings for our sellers and a first-class experience for our buyers. Since our launch in 2019, we have expanded and now have over 1000 items on our platform and dozens of professional sellers. One of our sellers achieved the 100 sales milestone earlier this year! We also have our own app!

As a long-time seller ourselves dedicated to video games and collectors gaming items on Ebay for over 10 years, we were fed up with Ebay increasing fees and rules and wanted something better for ourselves as sellers as well as our buyers! We came up with the idea of a gaming marketplace knowing exactly what our sellers are looking for and their pain points. We also wanted to create a dedicated central place where all gaming and collectors’ items and Pokemon cards can be found in one central place. This is how we were created!
Unlike other platforms such as Ebay and Amazon, we do not charge money for listings, nor monthly costs nor joining fees. Our marketplace is at no cost to our buyers and our sellers pay a small commission only after the sale is made. Our sellers get paid instantaneously rather than at the end of the month minus the commission. No fiddling with invoices, no waiting and no fuss.

We have also developed our own POS system for professional sellers who can organise and manage their stock and create invoices on the spot for their physical store as well as keep track of their online stock immediately!
If you are looking to list any gaming items for sale or looking for your next game, visit our website: Overr and join us!
We look forward to having you as part of our family.

The Overr Team