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Condition: Used

Minimum of 5 discs. Price is per 5 discs. Return Tracked shipping included. Sending is on the buyer, please message Overr.com.au for more details first. If discs severely scratched and may need more time I will call and discuss with you first, most scratches are buffed out within the 4 minutes per disc.

My Professional disc cleaner is a “Eco Pro 2” if you’d like to do some research first, this is a great professional disc cleaning machine and I’ve repaired many of my own discs that used to be unreadable hence why it happy to now offer this service. Disclaimer: While we attempt to clean and buff discs of as many scratches as possible, we cannot guarantee that it will fix your disc but all due care will be taken while doing so and you agree to knowing this and will not be held liable for anything not working or broken as discs are arriving as already “damaged goods”.

If you’d like to discuss if this is a service that may or may not be worth your while I’m happy to discuss the value of the games you’re trying to save 🙂

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